Strong market and customer focus

Our core business strategy is to strengthen our market position as a specialist EMS provider for the satellite communications and television peripherals industry, providing EMS for LNB and satellite related accessories and set-top boxes in the high-mix/low-to-moderate volume market. Our market focus enables us to differentiate ourselves from other EMS providers who provide services for industries other than satellite communications and who cater to high volume/low mix business.

In line with our market focus, we have established strong business relationships with our customers who are significant players in the satellite communications and television peripherals industry. Over these years, we have consistently fulfilled the stringent quality and cost requirements of our customers who are OEMs or ODMs of satellite communications products and television peripherals.

It is also our current business strategy to focus on OEMs and ODMs in the satellite communications and television peripherals industry, which is often characterised by technology-driven products, high growth and rapid technological advances. We will target both large, established OEMs and ODMs as well as emerging OEMs and ODMs that have growth potential and concentrate on building long-term relationships with them. Our established track record with our major customers provide a testament to potential customers from the satellite communications and television peripherals industry, that we have the commitment, expertise and experience to meet their requirements.

Strong manufacturing capabilities

We possess the manufacturing and engineering capabilities, as well as the human resources, to provide customers with quality EMS. We upgrade our manufacturing facilities by investing in modern equipment to keep up with changes in manufacturing technologies and industry requirements. In addition, we undertake continuous process development to ensure that our manufacturing capabilities keep up with advances in component and manufacturing technologies.

Our business requires frequent machine changeover due to the high-mix nature of our orders. This demands stringent materials management as any wastage of materials would be costly. Hence, we place strong emphasis in efficient machine changeover to minimise downtime and efficient production trial runs to minimise wastage of materials.

Strong inventory management

Our customers are able to leverage on our turnkey contract manufacturing capabilities and outsource to us the procurement and management of materials relating to their Box Build or PCBA orders.

Our high-mix/low-to-moderate volume business requires us to procure and store many different types of components and to handle numerous product models. Any wastage of materials would be relatively significant as the order size for an individual component would tend to be small in line with our low-to-moderate volume of Box Build and/or PCBA orders. Therefore, we place strong emphasis on stringent materials management, which entails minimising materials wastage during our production process.

We have built up a competitive edge in our ability to manage a high number of inventory items and to minimise materials wastage.

Quality products and services

We are committed to consistently deliver quality products and services to our customers. We adopt a total quality management approach in our entire manufacturing value chain, which includes vendor management, materials planning and management, production and final delivery. Our manufacturing plants have been awarded ISO 9001 for our quality management systems. We also compliment our customers in obtaining their product safety certification from agencies such as UL, CSA, CE and others.

Professional and experienced management team

Our management team, comprising our Executive Director and Key Officers, have been instrumental in spearheading our growth over the past few years. Each management team member has an average of more than twelve (12) years industry experience. Under their leadership, our group has successfully identified and will continue to identify new business opportunities to expand into.

Ability to provide value-added services to customers

We strive continuously to identify and develop new technologies, and to apply these technologies to the manufacture of our customers' products. In addition to our core Box Build and PCBA services, we also offer a host of value-added services such as product design and prototyping services to assist our customers in developing core efficient product designs and recommend suitable components for their products.