To consistently deliver high quality products and services

We believe that product and service quality are critical to our success in the EMS industry and will continue to be committed to produce high quality products and services. The ISO 9001 certification of our plants is a recognition of our commitment in establishing quality management systems for our operations. We aim to have zero-defects in our operations by further improving our quality control and assurance system.

To broaden our customer base in high-growth markets and to diversify our business

To enhance our long-term growth, we will seek to broaden our customer base and diversify our business. To broaden our customer base, we will focus on OEMs and ODMs in the satellite communications, television peripherals and computer peripherals industries, whose businesses are often characterised by technology-driven products, high growth and rapid technological advances. We will target both large, established OEMs and ODMs as well as emerging OEMs and ODMs that have growth potential.

Our Shanghai and Shenzhen plants have the requisite production capabilities that will enable us to provide OEMs and ODMs of all sizes flexible manufacturing solutions to meet their needs throughout their product life cycles.

To explore acquisition opportunities with a view to expanding production capacity and markets, and enhancing our technological capabilities

Our Directors believe that growth by selective acquisition is important to achieve the scale, customer diversity, geographical presence and cost efficiencies to remain competitive in the EMS industry. Where opportunities arise, we will expand our capabilities and business by acquiring or forming strategic relationships, partnerships or joint ventures with other EMS providers who can add value to our business through synergy derived from, for example, their complementary manufacturing competencies or customer bases, or from pooling of available resources.

To increase our competitiveness through improvements in cost efficiency and passing on the advantage of operating in a low cost country to our customers

We recognise the importance of managing cost increases due to inflation and pressure on price from our competitors. We will continue to improve our cost efficiency through efficient plant management and process refinement. By situating our manufacturing operations in the PRC, we are able to enjoy lower labour and overhead expenses.

Staying ahead of the technology trend by upgrading equipment and assembly processes to service our customers needs

Our engineers keep abreast of developments in manufacturing technology by developing close relationships with equipment manufacturers, major component suppliers, and customers' product design engineers. We conduct regular review meetings with our equipment vendors to examine the next generation of manufacturing design and equipment to assess the possible impact on the industry and our group. We also maintain close contact with our customers' design teams in order to be fully aware of their new products and participate in their design process with a view to commercial production of these products.

We upgrade our manufacturing facilities by investing in modern equipment to keep up with the changes in manufacturing technologies and industry requirements. In addition, we undertake continuous process development to ensure that our manufacturing capabilities keep up with advances in component and manufacturing technologies.