Radiance Group is a specialist providing electronics manufacturing services ("EMS") to customers who are OEMs or ODMs of products in the satellite communications, television peripherals and computer peripheral industries. Radiance Group provides Box Build and PCBA for Satellite Communications products such as Low Noise Block Converters (LNB) and Satellite Signal Distribution Equipment and accessories; set-top boxes and computer peripherals.

Radiance Group manufacturing facilities are based in low cost People's Republic of China, which improves our competitive pricing. Our manufacturing activities are presently carried out at our Shanghai and Shenzhen plants.

As at March 2009, we have a total production area of approximately 17,000 sq metres and is equipped with 14 Final Assembly lines and fifteen (15) SMT lines, with a production capacity of approximately 4.6 million placements per day.

As a quality testament, our manufacturing plants have been awarded with ISO 9001 for our quality management systems. Over the years, we have also built up good relationship with local authorities and customs through our excellent compliance efforts.