Diversification of product range and customer base

We are engaged in preliminary discussions on potential business opportunities with certain OEMs/ODMs in the satellite communications industry whose product range includes satellite set-top boxes, and which differs from the product range of our existing customers. This is with the intention of increasing our product range within the satellite communications industry.

We are actively working with our customers to develop higher-end satellite communication products and satellite signal distribution equipments and accessories. This includes utilising Fiber Optic Technology and Microwave transmitter in their new product range.

In television peripherals segment, we are currently working with our customers on digital television converter. We will continue to explore more opportunities in cable and satellite television set-top boxes.

At the same time, we are also targeting potential customers from non-satellite communication industries such as the telecommunications, computer peripherals and medical industries for new business opportunities.

Moving forward, we will look beyond the United States market and venture into other regions for more opportunities, including collaborative ventures to sustain continuous growth.