We provide EMS to customers who are OEMs or ODMs of products in the satellite communications, television peripherals, computer peripherals, medical and consumer electronics industries. We are primarily involved in Box Build and PCBA on a turnkey as well as on a consignment basis.

PCBA is the process of assembling electronic components onto a PCB, which is a flat piece of glass epoxy material on which electrical components are mounted and connected electrically by a circuit formed on its surface. Our PCBA operations consist primarily of placement and attachment of components on PCBs using both SMT and PTH processes.

Box Build will involve assembly of PCBA and mechanical components to form a final product. Subsequently, the product will be inspected, tested and packaged before shipment.

As turnkey contractors, we are responsible for sourcing and procuring all required product parts directly from suppliers and assemble them as well as the subsequent manufacturing processes which includes the assembly of the completed PCBAs into the final products. Under consignment arrangements, we provide EMS with materials provided by our customers.

Our EMS activities cater to the needs of the low to moderate volume customers. For low-volume EMS activities, our production output ranges from hundreds to thousands of units per batch order. For moderate volume EMS activities, our production output ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of units per batch order. Some of our contracts relate to moderate volume products with longer product life cycles.